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Doing risky business with good people can be more beneficial than doing lesser risky business with bad people. In the end they are people that matters. BIZOMER

There is no one that can doubt the potential. There is no doubt that even in worst of scenarios we can put 4% in GDP growth.


It is a fact that Pakistan’s economy has been growing about 5% on average since 1947 to reach US$ 237 billion. It is far better than the growth rate of global economy and the USA’s economy for the same period. And when you compare the problems & pressures on Pakistan’s economy with other economies, so our economy have done a great job anyways.


But it is corruption and mismanagement that have been making our growth rates irrelevant to judge what we are.

The business goes with human mind and ideas.

The more you can think the more you can do.
But there are certain limitations to limitlessness of human thinking.
If you are sitting on the bank of countless opportunities, you must be desperate to plan. But “how” is far important than “what” in this planning process.
Generally we ignore some key aspects while planning expansion or aggression:



It is not something that runs in escape!


Low investment on human resources and lesser focus on development of infrastructure cause companies to fail even when they invested a lot on buying or making products for selling.


It is an irrational mindset that counts head, nor intellect or ability.


It is an illusion that sees trading or manufacturing success without having sound workplace, logistics and systems.


It has always been a tale that they want me to stop and I never can think of it.


What if for a time being it looks that I cannot do it but I know I can. Even it is not merely a matter of successful completion of it but a sense that I am doing my own things, the way I want, the way I like them to appear. And once I believe that they are worth doing then it is all what matters.


And yes! Completion is important and it requires enough zeal to stand against the winds. If I like to do, so then no one in the world can keep me away.




Mr. Omer

Mr. Omer [1982 born] started  his professional career as a commercial / investment banker after achieving Gold Medal in Finance at master level from University of Karachi in 2006.

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